Top 10 Web Hosts with PHP

Finding a web host that will be able to provide you with a superior range of resources, services and features is never a consideration that should be undertaken without due care. Selecting the wrong host could find you unable to make use of the full range of features you are most interested in and without access to all of the opportunities that they will be able to provide for you. Learning a little more about PHP, and (more…)


The Advantages PHP Has over Other Code Languaes

PHP is considered to be one of the leading web programming languages. A PHP interpreter is standard on almost every modern-day web host, which is something that most businesses take advantage of.

There’s a good reason that PHP is preferred over other languages. Some of the advantages that PHP contains blows other web-based coding languages away.

1. It’s Familiar

PHP uses a syntax that is similar to ANSI C, which is one of the programming languages considered (more…)


PHP Huge for E-Commerce

PHP is the Web’s most common scripting language. It’s different from HTML in that the coding behind PHP pages isn’t downloaded onto the user’s browser, just the output of the PHP code. It allows for more processing power to create dynamic elements and pages, without the need for a browser to decimate so much coding, because it is server-side, not browser-side.

PHP is huge for e-commerce. Site builders who can create the customer interface possible with PHP – such as shopping carts and payment acceptors – make transactions and inquiries much easier. New users can get the basics with a PHP framework such as CakePHP, which produces ready-to-use code.

Online forums you might access with high speed satellite Internet are often the result of PHP coding. Change anchor text on a page – anything from time of day or rotating quotes or pictures – with PHP coding. PHP coding can also create site-specific search inquiries, track who has linked to your site, and even who visited.

PHP is simple to use and put into play on your site. Best of all, it’s free, and can run on just about any platform out there.


5 Reasons that PHP is the Most Trusted Software

PHP is a software script that allows for many applications to be used with it. There are many reasons to choose PHP if you are a developer or website owner; here are 5 reasons it is the most trusted software:

1. Can be used on the majority of web servers: A lot of software has limitations, but PHP can be used with almost any server you choose so your options are not limited.

2. Was one of the first to have the ability to be embedded in an HTML document, meaning no external data processes are needed for web pages using PHP to (more…)


Why Web Developers Use PHP for Site Building

Building sites on the Internet isn’t what it used to be. The days of static web content are gone and the dynamic content revolution has begun. If a site isn’t dynamic, fluid, and flexible, then you’re way behind the times. When it comes to adding dynamic content, there is only one solution that web developers turn to: PHP. PHP is a programming language that is easy to learn, flexible, and integrates with a variety of other databases and tools to (more…)


The Best Webhosts that Feature PHP

Many forum, blog or content management scripts rely on PHP, a recursive acronym that stands for “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor”. For example, WordPress and PHPbb both use this script, in addition to static HTML to produce dynamic content. However, many other script rely on PHP and you can write your own custom scripts with it as well.

When you pay for hosting, which you will likely do when you purchase your own domain name, PHP is one of the standard supported features. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find (more…)


Why People use PHP over Other Options

There are many coding languages available when you are looking to create a website, but one of the most popular coding languages is PHP. PHP is an incredibly versatile language and it allows you to do simple things like create a basic layout that follows every page of your website, or do something as complex as creating a forum.

PHP is a coding language that is similar to HTML in that it allows you to create the layout and chose (more…)


What is PHP and How is it Used

PHP is a widely used, open source, scripting language. Often used to run other programs or control program flow, scripting languages are categorized as server side or client side. PHP is a server side scripting language because the web host or server executes the script and sends the results of the script back to the visitor’s computer. With client side scripting the code is transferred to the visitor’s computer for execution. Server side scripting gives (more…)